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Friday, October 26, 2012

Salam Aidiladha

 Salam Aidiladha

Selamat menunaikan ibadah korban to all muslimin and muslimat....Mesti ramai yg balik kampung kan? Bestnyerla....Sy rayer kat uma je taun ni...SO, agak boringla xtaw nk wtpe da, so blogging jela kjenyer....tapi jap lg nk continue my hobby, Korean drama as always :) nty i update okeh list korean drama and source watchlist yg best2....sure korang nk taw kan....hahahaha...

Seriously sgt best stay kt rumah even xbalik kampung pun mcm org lain...hehehe....First sekali mestila i have my own bedroom best ever....So, sgt la best i nk golek2 and relax my mind and body after full time work....

u believe or not?

Do u believe my bedroom like that? I wish too my bedroom look like contemporary and modern look...BUT, in fact that my bedroom also have purple theme like that, just not exactly like that picture okeh. Even, i balik kampung pun, i xley nak online my korean drama 24 hours, facebooking, googling, blogging, because NO WiFi at my kampung...So sad :(

Most importantly i need a rest after have seminar in last 2 weeks Saturday at KL for my work and business. Even i feel tired, but i really thankful because i have family that always support me in whatever i'm doing, my friends that cheer me up and my leader that always motivate and guide me to be success in this business :)

My old school friends

My Collegue

My Leaders & Business Partners


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