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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Designer Dress Will Be

Seronok bile tengok leader bergaya dengan fashion designer dress. Yelah tengah sibuk googling fashion designer dress, tibe-tibe ternampak lak dress cantik from blog Maisarah Ibrahim. She is one of the CDM from GLG team under Hanis Haizi. Super awesome bile bace her experience about her dream from child and her dream become true at last. Siape tak nakkan bile impian kita akhirnya jadi kenyataan. 

You can read her story at by click her picture.

Itu baru CDM Mai, belum tengok lagi CDM Hanis Haizi

All Hanis Haizi Dress inspired by all top fashion designer. I have some idea for my next event 
Diamond Night Award on May 2013. 

 Rambang mata nak pilih yang mane satu kan?
 Actually this all just my dream to achieve it and have it one day!

Perasan tak all dresses I choose mostly in pastel color rite? hahaha. Yes, I love pastel color the most. Hope one day it will be mine. Lets achieve it from now. hahaha. I love dreaming ;)

dare to LIVE your DREAMs ???

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