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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chanel Inspired Theme Party

Who are Chanel's Lover here!

Mesti ramai Chanel's  lover but masih tak berkemampuan to have this brand kan. Never mind. 
Just nak post Hanis Haizi Chanel Private Party last Sunday. So, bagi sesiapa yang ade follow
Hanis Haizi blog, mesti tahu kan.

So, even tak dapat join this happening party, but in future sure i will join this kind of event. Sememangnya Hanis Haizi ni seorang Chanel collector. If tengok wardrobe die mostly are Chanel brand. Yang lain Loubotin, Prada , Hermes etc.

See, her collection of Chanel. So, she make that 'Dear Hanis Haizi Contest' to appreciate her blog readers and business partners that support and be her backbone since she join this business.
The entry of the contest, I have post before about that. Just click above to read okey.

Everybody enjoy it so much and looking good with Chanel Inspired Theme :)
Lets enjoy the pictures Chanel Private Party by Hanis Haizi!

 The winner of Grand Prize that day Syera Begam with her new Chanel Flap Handbag. Lucky girl!

All the winners for that day. 'C' stands for 'Chanel'. Masing-masing mood happy.

Our own Karl Lagerfeld, Rawlins & beautiful Farah
Both are classy & elegant with styles

Special Doorgift from this party

Happening kan this party. Everyone enjoy it!
Mybe next time it's your turn to join it okey ;)

Let's be part in my team!

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