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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Review Koizen Japanese Cuisine

This my first time try Koizen sushi. Actually my colleague keep mention the food and sushi are good and quiet cheap compare to Sushi King. So last time we go for lunch to try it. The restaurant located behind my office. The menu order similar with other japanese restaurant like sushi and other cuisine. But the best part at Koizen their food portion is bigger than sushi king i guess. Betul...tak tipu. Memang puas hati bile makan. Then, dari segi menu order yang bestnye range harga RM17.90-18.90. Menu A + B, means A ( nasi or mi ramen) B ( side dishes like sushi, salmon, ayam or tempura) So means kite kene choose side A kite nak yang mane, then B kite nak yang mane 1. Itulah yang best. 

So, I order yang set sekali A+B. Nasi goreng + sushi.
Yang penting kenyang dan puas hati. Sampai tak larat nak habiskan. hehehehe. Then, if korang tak nak makan yang set order, korang boley order for ala carte. Dont worry okey. 

Dari segi servis pon okey and the background look like classic style. So, korang pon boley la try nanti. One of my friend also not the sushi lover at the first time she join us. Then, after we persuade her to eat sushi, now she is part of us if we want to eat sushi...She really became sushi lover like me. hahahahaha 


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