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Saturday, May 17, 2014

The truth you can't accept it

Yes lately ni memang stress and rase kosong sangat. Macam lagu Najwa Latif je da kosong.  It not a love story problem. It just a stress and truth that I can't handle it. How can you react if the person you trust and respect betray you quietly??? Then create other story, sedangkan the truth you already know it. Huh! Seriously when I find out about it, my heart said 'Errr, how it can be like that'. I'm really cannot accept and believe it. It like both of you really make me sick with your true explaination. Now, I try to accept it and  it make me become stronger without both of you. Mybe I can beat you all one day. Just pray for my future. Thank you for your wishes even you not beside me now and thanks for your guidance from start until you leave me. And now I must be independent person. Yes I'm strong enough to handle it alone.

Some quotes that I found really cured me. 

  No matter how badly people treat you, 
never drop down to their level, 
just know you're better and walk away.

I don't hate you, 
I'm just disappointed you turned into everything you'd said never be.

I wish everyone would just keep their promises.
In that way, no one would feel betrayed.

Source from Mr.Google.


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