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Thursday, May 15, 2014

What I'm doing at office?

Hey gurls, its very tiring week for me this month. I keep headache with my work lately. Actually what I'm doing in office is very simple. Just sit and watch market okey. Simple rite??? hahaha joke only. But its true my work just watch market for up and down of the stock market. 

The difficulty just to call and advise client for updating their shares portfolio and most difficult is when client ask me, Nadia, which counter can buy? Do you have any tips shares will up tomorrow? hahahaa its very very very hard question for me to answer.  Why??? becoz its like bomb question. If I know what shares will moving up up up, i think i dont have to sit there and still work. I just can travel around the world mybe....hehehehe. But its all my illusion okey. 

So, the main is when client ask me like that, I HAVE to study what shares can i suggest to my client. I have to study the fundamental and technical analysis. I have to search news about that shares. Its very very important i thought before i suggest to them. 

Yeah my job is not simple like you thought. Really its make money but it also can make you loss your money 'sekelip mate'. But sometimes my job is very fun and chill. When it very fun? Mestilah when market is GREEN and UP. or mybe when penny stocks up....hahahahaha. If you are experienced it, you will know your adrenaline is like 'dup dup dup'...hahahaha. Yes i mean it. 
Its all about my work as a dealer @ remisier.


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