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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bless Monday

Do you love Monday?
Everyone of must be don't like Monday rite? For me also. But today I feel Monday so bless because of someone not pressure me at office I think. So I can blog my entry. hahaha. very bad of me rite...I can do searching and google happily in office today.

Then, my kakak Mazni also gives me the cookies. The cookies really so good. Really make my day with the taste of cookies. hehehe. I like to bake the cookies like famos amos, but as you know I'm very lazy to do so. So, just receive from others or buy....You also can bake the good one. If don't know, don't worry you can google for the recipe. Quite a lot the recipes of famos amos cookies. Try search okey.

 photo ju_zps80210f97.jpg


  1. CN follow sini..cookies tu nmpak menggoda ;)

  2. monday blues katanya hihihi..samalah kita


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