Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Buying Toys From Shopee During MCO

Salam & Hi,

Today I nak share toys I bought for my daughter, Adel during MCO. All the toys I bought from Shopee. As we know Shopee is the best platform to get the cheaper and reasonable price compared to we walk in to shop to buy any things or our necessities. So, back to our story about the toys, I akan bagi tips how to buy from shopee and ensure your item akan dapat. 

Ok lets see apa point penting yang you all mesti ambil tahu:-

1) Taip and search toys/things apa yang nak dibeli. Contoh you want kitchen toys.
2) All listings appear toys you cari. Then, you survey all the items. You akan nampak seller mostly 
    the sell the same items but berbeza harga. 
3) Part survey you must tengok harga, sold item from the seller (ada yang harga murah tapi still zero 
    sold items or kurang buyer, cost of delivery, review from other buyers (ada yang just put  
    komen, ada yang letak picture, and ada yang letak both komen and picture). tengok the column 
    section detail item (if seller put warranty, material, t&c and etc). sometimes for kids toy ada yang 
    need battery or electric. thats why you kena ambil tahu the detail.
4) Usually bila I beli barang during MCO I paling teliti for the delivery items. During MCO I akan
     pilih delivery from J&T express je. Sebab lebih cepat dari Post Laju. Itu point penting bagi I la
     sebab J&T selalu akan sampai dalam masa 1 or 2 hari di kawasan rumah I. So, my daughter pon
     akan dapat toys dia cepat. Tapi if bukan MCO, I akan tengok the cheaper. Selalunya if cheaper,
     barang is from overseas (China).
5)  After you dah decide nak beli toys from that seller, you just proceed with the payment etc. Then, 
     you akan dapat notification payment done and waiting for the notification from seller to post the 
     items. All that Shopee akan let you know. Kecuali if you nak cepat, after you dah buat payment 
     boleh terus chat with seller tanya when your item will be post out. Itu penting sebab kadang-
     kadang seller akan post out after 2 days. Just in case you all nak barang sampai cepat lah kan.

Ok sekian tips penting untuk membeli dari Shopee. hehehe. Senang and easy je kan. Jom tengok toys yang I beli for my daughter during MCO.

Kids Building Blocks Table



Kitchen Toy Playset

Hamburger Suitcase Pretend Play

Portable Folding Kid Play Tent


 Cash Register Cashier Kids Shopping Cart

Complete. Thats all I bought for Adel. Adel played with happy.

 photo ju_zps80210f97.jpg


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